Asociacion de Promotores de la Cultura – Nicaragua

Asociación de Promotores de la Cultura de Nicaragua

Asociación de Promotores de la Cultura de Nicaragua

The Association of Promoters of Culture (APC), was formed on February 23, 1990, through Public Deed No. 22 Dr. Ricardo Morales Bermúdez, completing a work process for local initiatives emerged in 1979 with the creation of Houses of Culture in Nicaragua.


It is a trade association promoting cultural management and human development nonprofit whose legal personality was approved by the National Assembly by decree AN No. 207, published in the Official Gazette, No. 70 of 9 April 1990.


Actively contribute to members organized in territorial branches and are locally empowered, institutionalized, influential and belligerently participating in an intersectoral manner in political and decision-making on matters of cultural, social, educational and local development character spaces.


Merge and consolidate union participation through cultural programs that empower workers to benefit the development of the culture, People, Sustainable and Equitable Development country.