¡Aprendamos español en Granada, Nicaragua!

APC Spanish School in Granada, Nicaragua was founded in 1994, one of the first Spanish Schools in Granada, Nicaragua. It´s based at the convenient and awe-inspiring building called the Palace of Culture, “Joaquín Pasos Argüello” or CPC (that stand for Centro Popular de Cultura). On our map you can see that everything is within walking distance like cafes, restaurants, supermarket, cultural centers and museums.

 Learn Spanish through Cultural Immersion in APC Spanish School

Students particpating in extra activities with APC Spanish School

Students in Granada´s Isletas (islands) extra activities that APC Spanish School offers to all our Spanish Students

APC Spanish School in Granada Nicaragua offers language classes along with community immersion to create the best learning environment. You have the opportunity to meet members of the host-community who reinforce lessons learned in class and make your visit to Nicaragua more fun.

The school provides:

Flexibility: Students can arrive any day of the week throughout the entire year;

Weekly Study Plans: Home-stays with host families go from Sunday to Saturday with Spanish classes on weekdays, Monday to Friday;

Advanced planning: Arrange your classes up to a year in advance alongside your travel plans. For example- Traveling throughout Central America? Arrange a couple of weeks of class to start your trip and finish with another week or two before heading home.

Flexible home-stays: Would you like to arrange some extra days with your host family before or after taking classes? No problem! You can even arrange an extended stay with a family with a break in the middle to visit other parts of Nicaragua before returning. The program is open to adaptation to almost any travel plans the student may have.

Introduction to Nicaraguan culture, history, nature and community organizations. All weekly study plans include daily excursions to local tourist attractions- visit museums, cultural activities, volcano tours, etc – and opportunities to volunteer with local organizations. We can also help you arrange weekend excursions in between, before or after your studies.